Measurement and Mitigation of Agglomeration-leaching Gases

Expande is inviting companies to prequalify for the Measurement and Mitigation of Agglomeration-leaching Gases by 8 September 2021.  

Mining company: BHP

In the context of a metallurgical test program being developed at Escondida Mine’s Pilot Plant, technological solutions are being sought that allow to:
1. Measure the amount of gases generated (HCl and NOx ) during the agglomeration and leaching of copper ores.
2. Mitigate or avoid the generation and release of these gases (HCl and NOx ) to the environment.

The requirements for the solutions are:

  • For the measurement of gases, they should be oriented to implement a system that allows to accurately quantify the generation of gases, both in agglomeration and in column (regular and large) leaching.
  • It is desirable that the solutions referred to mitigation during leaching be scalable to industrial heap leaching operations. Therefore, solutions that avoid the generation and release of gases into the environment (e.g. chemical reagents, bacteria or others) are expected.
  • Do not generate interferences or adverse effects on the leaching, solvent extraction (SX) and electrowinning (EW) processes.
  • The solutions, both for measurement and mitigation of gases, must be applicable, in the first instance to the tests in columns (0.16 m diameter and 6 m high) and then in large columns of 40 ton capacity.
  • Have a degree of technological maturity TRL greater than or equal to 5, i.e. at least at the level of a prototype validated in a complex environment.
  • Comply with Escondida Mine’s quality and safety standards.