Austmine's Vision

There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the Australian METS sector. With technology driving the future of our industry and sustainability a key platform for success, Australian METS are leading globally with the best solutions, strategies and technologies for the next generation and beyond.

The METS sector is one of the most technologically advanced, innovative and internationalised sectors in Australia. Driven by a pioneering spirit and a commitment to excellence, METS companies can be found in every corner of the globe, not just selling products and services but investing and employing thousands of people. 

Even with all our success, we believe the best is yet to come for Australian METS. 

Austmine has developed a strong 2025 vision for our members and the METS sector that will ensure Australia remains the global hub for mining innovation. Together, we will enhance our position of leadership, drive the sustainable transformation of mining and expand to new markets beyond our current horizons. 

Download our 30 Year Anniversary publication to find our more about our 2025 Vision. 

"For thirty years Austmine has been at the core of efforts to inspire collaboration on mining innovation, propelling the Australian mining industry to the leading position it has in the world today.  Building on this work, I have no doubt Austmine and its members will lead global improvements in mining and METS into the future."
Mark Warren, Chair, Austmine

“We set out to establish Australia as the world’s pre-eminent mining nation and Austmine has achieved that and more. Our task now is to stay at number one with an unrelenting focus on mining innovation.” 
Alan Broome (AM), Chairman Emeritus, Austmine