Challenge: Reduction of Net Carbon Consumption (NCC) in Potlines

Vedanta Limited Jharsuguda (VLJ), Odisha, India
Submission Deadline: Friday 26th August 2022, 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)


Challenge Overview

Vedanta is seeking technology-based solutions that can help reduce the Net Carbon Consumption (NCC) in their potline at the Vedanta Limited Jharsuguda (VLJ) smelter.


Vedanta Resources Limited is a globally diversified natural resources company with interests in zinc-lead-silver, iron ore, steel, copper, aluminium, power, oil and gas.

Vedanta operates the world’s largest single-location aluminium plant (ex-China) at Jharsuguda, Odisha. The plant has 1.8 MTPA aluminium smelting capacity and associated 3615 MW thermal power generation facility. Vedanta Jharsuguda is a leader in value-added aluminium products that find critical applications across core industries.

The Problem

The aluminium smelting process is a strong emitter of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), with major contributions linked to anode consumption and anode production. Aluminium production accounts for about 0.8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Smelting aluminium conventionally requires anodes made of carbon-rich material used to release the metal from aluminium oxide, as carbon is a good conductor of electricity as well as being cheap and plentiful. During the process, the carbon anodes are consumed, releasing carbon dioxide gas.

Additionally, Calcined Petroleum (CP) Coke used in anode production is also in short supply at the quality required to optimise anode performance.

Technologies Trialled

Currently, only two different approaches are undertaken to improve Net Carbon Consumption (NCC).

1) Application of a top surface coating on the anodes, this coating is an alumina/silicon-based paste; and

2) Improvements in the application/covering quality for each anode. Also, scrapping after new anode setting is initiated.

The Solution

Vedanta are currently seeking solutions that can reduce the NCC of their potlines. Current carbon consumption per ton of aluminium is 418 kg/ton of Al, with the goal to achieve 395 to 400 kg/ton.

Vedanta are seeking solutions that can optimize the anode quality, modification of anode design, improvement in granulometry of cover bath and adjust pot operating parameters and practises. The below factors should be considered in your submission:

Solutions that minimise the downtime of pots while being retrofitted.

Solutions that do not affect metal purity in pot.

Other solutions that can reduce Net Carbon Consumption in the potline.


Submissions will be screened and reviewed by Austmine and Vedanta to find the best suited solution.

Your submission should recognise and address the challenge, identifying the key benefits and shortfalls that your solution may present. If you already have a solution in the market, you may choose to attach relevant case studies to your submission. If you are presenting a novel solution to this challenge, you may choose to demonstrate the Technological Readiness Level (TRL) of your solution and how it can be developed and tested on site.

The Process

  1. Submission Period
    Suppliers are invited to submit their short-form solution to the challenge by Friday 12th August for evaluation from Austmine and Vedanta.

  2. Evaluation Period
    Shortlisted suppliers will be invited to a technical briefing, where each supplier will be able to gain more information about the challenge from Vedanta. This will allow you to refine your submission prior to the next stage.

  3. Pitch Session
    This is the opportunity to ‘sell’ your solution, and gain feedback from operation teams presenting directly to Vedanta, once complete.

  4. Full Proposal Submission
    Shortlisted suppliers are invited to submit their formal technical and economic proposals to Vedanta.

  5. Award
    Vedanta selects the best fit solution/s for the challenge. Unsuccessful submitters are notified in writing by Austmine.



  • 12 August 2022  Challenge Launch Webinar
  • 26 August 2022  Submission Deadline
  • 19 September 2022  Technical Briefing
  • 26 September 2022  Pitch Session
  • 14 October 2022  Full Submission Deadline

Program Overview

Austmine is pleased to launch the Australia-India Mining Innovation Program (AIMIP). The aim of this program is to provide advice, training and support for Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) companies with an interest in the Indian mining market, and directly link these companies with export opportunities, supply needs, and operational challenges working with India’s largest mining organisations.

The partnership between Austmine and Vedanta aims to connect Australian METS suppliers to resolve critical challenges, drive operational excellence and champion world’s best industry practices.

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