Driving International Growth for Australian METS

The METS sector is one of the most technologically advanced, innovative and internationalised sectors in Australia. METS companies can be found in every corner of the globe and the sector is one of Australia’s only global benchmark industries where we are truly recognised as world leaders. 

Austmine has played a pivotal role in putting Australian METS on the map globally.

Beginning with a delegation to India in 1992 and subsequent mining missions to over 20 nations including Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Russia, Canada, Ghana, Chile, Peru and Kazakhstan, we have fostered commercial connections and expanded export opportunities for Australian businesses.

Austmine has leveraged an extensive network of mining organisations, suppliers, government departments and experienced consultants worldwide to ensure that Australian METS can access the right connections, advice and partners to ensure export success. 

“It is amazing to have the recognition when you travel overseas that you belong to a world renowned group and are automatically associated with the successes of the Australian METS sector.”
Francois Velge, Managing Director, Pinssar