Increasing Hose Life in Mining Trucks

BHP is seeking solutions for increasing hose life in mining trucks at their Escondida Mine.

Deadline: 30th April 2021
Site: Escondida Mine

Technological solutions are sought to avoid early replacement of hydraulic hoses in mining trucks, which are subjected to high temperatures and working pressures during operation.

Different types of hoses used in the Caterpillar 797B truck are considered, mainly in the lift, steering, brakes and transmission systems. However, for a first pilot stage, no design modifications will be considered in the steering and brake hoses, since these are critical systems.


  • Compatible with operating conditions of the hydraulic systems of the Caterpillar 797B truck (see Appendix of specifications).
  • Have a technological development level of industrial prototype or higher.
  • Comply with BHP quality and safety standards. If the solution contemplates the use of hoses, these must exceed the current working temperatures of the hydraulic systems, maintaining the minimum pressures (see Annex of specifications).
  • Couplings must be OEM. In addition, they must maintain the minimum assembly standards indicated by the manufacturer.

Other desirable, but not excluding requirements are:

  • Design with ease of installation or application