Webinar Recording: Minimising Project and Asset Risk While Maximising Performance

Austmine was joined by 2MG and IFS to discuss "Minimising Project and Asset Risk while Maximising Performance – an Integrated Framework for Best Practice."

Running large scale multi-million or even billion dollar programs requires intricate planning across a complex array of resources including people and assets whist balancing investment choices. However, relevant project, asset performance, and finance data is often spread across disparate systems with business decisions being made based on information that is either out-of-date or wrong.

In this webinar, guest speakers Rick van Driel and Martin Vestby demonstrate how mining companies can mitigate risks associated with disparate systems and improve process efficiency by incorporating effective project controls and collaboration tools to increase process transparency and optimise overall project profitability.





Martin Vestby – 2MG
A programmer by trade (BBus. – Information Systems), Martin is not afraid to get his hands dirty and has done everything from first-level support and on-call, to Managing multi-million dollar projects.  Having worked his way up from a graduate analyst programmer at CSC to an IT Manager for various companies in different industries for 15 years before starting consulting, Martin has extensive industry knowledge across Mining, Finance, Construction and Contracting.  He understands the practical challenges faced by people on the coalface.

Rick van Driel - IFS

Rick has over 30 years in Asset & Maintenance Management with 23 years of these working with clients in asset intensive industries providing enterprise solutions.  Rick has been employed in senior roles for organisations including IFS, PowerPlan, ABB, IBM & TechnologyOne that have provided Rick the ability to help more than 200 organisations around the world improve their asset & project management capabilities.