Maptek Webinar: Harnessing Deposit Complexity

Deposits are complex by nature, but a lack of time and resources prevents us from interpreting their richness and complexity in full.

Simplifying data might help us work faster, but it’s not giving us the full picture. What key geological features, such as faults or barren dykes, are being lost in the modelling or simplification process? Is there a way we can produce models that offer a more accurate representation of a deposit’s complexity?

The short answer is: yes!

Join Maptek geologists - DomainMCF Technical Lead, Steve Sullivan, and Technical Lead Geology, Richard Jackson - in this open-forum webinar discussing the modern domain modelling challenges geologists are facing today, and how harnessing technology is key to overcoming them.

Webinar Details

Wednesday 3rd March 2021
3.00pm AEDT