Online Integrated Strategic Planning Seminar

Whittle Consulting seminars are now online. Due to COVID-19 we have re-developed, adapted and upgraded our Integrated Strategic Planning seminar to a live, interactive & online format, delivered over 4 consecutive half days.

Integrated Strategic Planning is regarded as best practice in the mining industry. The Online Seminar comprehensively explains the philosophy and methodology behind Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning. It includes an explanation of the processes involved and the benefits derived from developing a Whittle Enterprise Optimisation model.

Effective long term planning can enhance the value of a minerals business from 5% – 35%, and in many cases substantially more. The seminar explains the 10 distinct Steps in a Whittle Enterprise Optimisation model including: pit/underground, phases, mine schedule, cut-off, stockpiles, blend, processing, product mix and specification, logistics and capital. When applied simultaneously these Steps produce extraordinary results. Important new techniques and concepts for the mining industry are also explored. These theories include Activity Based Costing (ABC) and Theory of Constraints (TOC). The end result is a powerful analytical approach to decision making across all aspects of a mining operation or project. The seminar is equally applicable to both open pit and underground mines.

Introducing insights that are sometimes counter intuitive, Gerald Whittle’s engaging and challenging workshop will:

  • Introduce you to the Integrated Strategic Planning process
  • Provide refreshing insights into how mining companies generate cash, and why they so often fail to do so
  • Describe in detail the simultaneous optimisation of the whole value chain: mining, mineral processing, logistics, production and capital
  • Explain planning and optimisation with geological uncertainty and volatile metal markets
  • Operational and cost modelling techniques for optimisation
  • Theory of Constraints for mining
  • Implementing an effective planning process
  • Provide examples of how the process is being used around the world and the results being achieved.


Gerald Whittle – CEO, Whittle Consulting. As the CEO of Whittle Consulting, Gerald has worked in the mining industry for the past 20 years. A recognised thought leader on mining optimisation, Gerald has presented the Integrated Strategic Planning seminar to over 4,000 delegates worldwide. A qualified accountant and an experienced CFO, he has over 35 years in business planning, analysis and change management.

Presented by Whittle Consulting

Whittle Consulting are the leaders in the field of Integrated Strategic Planning. Since 1999, Whittle Consulting has conducted over 180 Whittle Enterprise Optimisation studies for mining companies worldwide. These studies have repeatedly improved the economics of a mining project or operation from 5% – 35%, and in many cases substantially more. These results are achieved even after conventional mining optimisation techniques have already been applied.

Upcoming Online Seminar Dates

22-25 February, 12 - 4pm EST: Suitable for the Americas.

1-4 March, 9am - 1pm GMT: Suitable for Europe & Africa.

15-18 March, 12 - 4pm AEST: Suitable for Australasia.

22-25 March, 12 - 4pm EDT: Suitable for the Americas (with Spanish & Portuguese translation).

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