Vent Shaft Sinking in Incompetent Rocks

Austmine in conjunction with METS Ignited and Linkminers Peru are bringing the following challenge as part of the Virtual Supplier Development Program – Peru.

Our Client, a leading mining company with operations in Peru, seeks solutions to increase stability of their shaft systems and improve ventilation across the underground operations.

The current vent shafts cross a series of incompetent volcanic lithologies with Uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) between 10 to 25 Mpa, which become increasingly unstable with water intrusion. In addition, the area is affected by frequent movements along faults due to seismic activities.

When the ventilation shaft collapses, the intake of fresh air is impacted which causes an imbalance of the overall ventilation system. Safety of the personnel is compromised by sub-optimal air supply; mining activity decreases as the use of diesel equipment must be limited affecting the ore feed to the concentrator plant and the production. ventilation time increases thus decreasing productivity by reducing the effective hours for operation.

Solutions are being sought to sink ventilation shafts of less than 300m in depth to be delivered in a reasonable timeframe without compromising safety and structural support. Particular focus should be given to robustness of the vent shafts in lithologically unstable conditions exposed to tectonic movements.

Briefing and Q&A Workshop

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