Beneficiation of Low-Grade Ferro Oxide Manganese Ores

Tata Steel is working with Austmine to find a solution for beneficiation of low-grade ferro oxide manganese ores within the Innoventure program

Deadline: Thursday 28th January
Site: Joda East iron ore mine, Odisha

The opportunity is to develop a solution that enables separation of manganese (Mn) and iron (Fe) bearing minerals in the ores to produce high Mn/Fe ores for Mn alloy (high C FeMn & SiMn). 

Current low Mn/Fe (<2.5) ratios are unsustainable to produce market grade Mn alloys. Manganese and iron minerals (Pyrolusite & Hematite) present in these ores have similar physical and chemical properties which limit the success of the conventional processes. Tata Steel’s newly developed reduction roasting technology is relatively more costly than conventional density-based beneficiation technologies. 

Solutions sought would provide 
1. cost-effective upgrade for the low-grade ferruginous manganese ores (Mn :10-32 %, Mn/Fe :<1 → Mn :>46; Mn/Fe >5)
2. improve cost economics of Tata Steel’s newly developed reduction roasting process using a DRI plant, and. 
3. minimize generation of mix material during mining, sizing and sorting.

To submit a solution for this challenge, complete the application form here.

If you have any questions regarding this program, partnership or current supply opportunities please contact Austmine’s Director International Business Robert Trzebski.