Detection and Separation of Foreign Objects in Coal

Tata Steel is working with Austmine to find a solution for detecting and separating foreign objects in coal within the Innoventure program

Deadline: Thursday 28th January
Site: West Bokaro mine, Jharkhand

The opportunity is to develop a solution that would detect and remove foreign material out of coal transported on conveyor belts. 

Small foreign objects, a such as dog-nails, nuts & bolts and rail bits get mixed in the coal in underground mine workings which are difficult to detect and segregate. These materials damage the conveyor belts and other equipment of mines and washeries whenever coal is being extracted from of old underground workings.

To submit a solution for this challenge, complete the application form here.

If you have any questions regarding this program, partnership or current supply opportunities please contact Austmine’s Director International Business Robert Trzebski.