Austmine Launch Collaboration Showcase Webinar Series

Your opportunity to showcase key collaborative projects that are driving mining industry innovation and sustainability forward

There is no doubt that collaboration is critical to tackling mining’s most pressing challenges. Through leveraging the combined expertise and shared resources of partners from mining and METS companies to researchers and government, traditional problem-solving methods can be transformed, and long-lasting benefits derived.

Fortunately, collaboration is in the DNA of the METS sector. According to Austmine’s 2020 National METS Survey, 64% of METS organisations collaborate, and increased industry collaboration was found to be a fundamental response to managing the impacts of COVID-19.

With this in mind, we are pleased to provide an opportunity for Austmine members to detail your major collaborations and co-present on our upcoming webinar series – Collaboration Showcases.

These webinars will take place from August to November and are designed to provide key insights and information into the game-changing collaborations in mining.

How to Get Involved

To put your collaborative project presentation forward for our webinar series, simply fill in the details of this short expression of interest form here.

Make sure to provide succinct details of the collaboration scope and results, along with the partner organisation that will be co-presenting.

Presentation opportunities will be 15-minutes long and three collaborations will be presented on each webinar.

Austmine will review all submissions and get in touch to notify companies of the outcome in due course.

The first round of submissions close on Friday 9th July 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact


  • Submissions are open for Austmine members and mining companies only
  • Presentations must have co-presenters from at least two parties of the project, with participation from end-users ideal
  • Presentation must focus on the collaborative project, not a sales push