Monitoring of Wear Elements in Crushing Plant

Expande is inviting companies to pre-qualify for the Monitoring of Wear Elements in Crushing Plant challenge.

Site: BHP Escondida Mine
Submission Deadline: 13 May 2021

Solutions are required to monitor the mechanical condition of wear elements in transfer chutes and feeders in a crushing plant. This monitoring should support preventive maintenance tasks to facilitate and optimize the maintenance process and identify in a timely manner when the plates must be changed.

Solution requirements:

  • Allow the visualization (ex: traffic lights) in the field of the wear of the monitored plates, alerting them at critical levels, that is, when their replacement is required.
  • Have a TRL maturity level greater than 5, that is, at least validated in a complex or relevant environment.
  • Data storage on servers or in the cloud and / or information online and in real time are not required at this stage. They could be part of later developments.
  • Robustness according to the operational conditions of humidity, abrasion and particulate matter present.