Austmine 2022 ESG Webinar Series 

Across 2022 Austmine will provide a comprehensive analysis of ESG in the mining industry and METS sector through a webinar series exploring each aspect of the topic - environmental, social and governance.

Largely viewed as a box ticking exercise a decade ago, ESG has grown in prevalence to be the biggest talking point in mining Boardrooms around the world. As pressure increases for businesses to create sustained outcomes for a broad range of stakeholders, ESG has become a critical factor in decisions about project viability, procurement, technology development, supply chains and workforces.

As we move into 2022 and beyond, ESG will be further integrated into business strategy for miners and METS, becoming a significant competitive advantage for companies that move quickly to demonstrate sustainable and responsible business practices, and a considerable challenge for those that fail to meet societal expectations.

Through this webinar series you will gain a greater understanding of:

  • Why mining and related industries are accelerating ESG commitments and initiatives.
  • How ESG objectives and performance will drive investment and growth in mining, along with procurement practices and supply chain management and how this will affect METS suppliers.
  • The role of technology in helping to achieve ESG goals, including transforming business practices, driving sustainable processes, and measuring and monitoring ESG goal achievement.
  • The key ESG considerations for METS businesses to respond to changing customer requirements and adopt sustainable principles within their own operations.
  • What a sustainable and successful mining industry will look like in the future if ESG objectives are achieved.  

Member Opportunities

Austmine members will have the opportunity to contribute to the webinar series through METS Tech Talks and panel discussions. 
Contact [email protected] to express your interest. 

Series Schedule:

23 March - Panel: Introduction to ESG - Perspectives Across the Industry
27 April - Panel: Examining Mining’s Environmental Priorities 
18 May - Tech Talk: Energising the Future Mine
1 June - Tech Talk: Conserving Water Resources
15 June - Tech Talk: Managing Waste and Creating New Value
29 June - Tech Talk: Reducing Impacts on Landscapes and Ecosystems
3 August - Panel: Examining Mining’s Social Priorities 
31 August - Tech Talk: Creating Lasting Value for Communities
14 September - Tech Talk: Prioritising Employee Health & Safety 
28 September - Tech Talk: Effective Supply Chain Management
2 November - Panel: Ensuring Effective Governance  
16 November - Tech Talk: Solutions Supporting Strong Governance