Webinar Recording: The Eramet Safety First Innovation Challenge 2022

Austmine was was joined by Marion Lenoir, Head of Open Innovation Department, Eramet, Phuong Dai Nestler, Marketing & Finance Officer, EIT RawMaterials, and Frederic Camuset, Group Safety & Prevention Vice President, Eramet who explored: 

  • An overview of the Eramet Group’s global mining and metallurgy operations 
  • The objectives of the Eramet Open Innovation Department
  •  Key dates, details and instructions for participating in the Eramet Safety First Innovation Challenge 2022
  •  Technical information about the safety priorities of focus for the Challenge

About the Challenge

Eramet has embarked on a new innovation journey in partnership with EIT RawMaterials: The Eramet Safety First Innovation Challenge 2022 to promote the development of novel solutions for occupational safety in the mining and metals industry.

This Challenge highlights Eramet’s vision to grow its partner network and provide access to a rich variety of interesting start up and SME players for their own strategic purposes.

The Challenge focuses on four key areas:

  • Safety of lone workers in Exploration
  • Hazard detection and prevention systems
  • Human-machine interaction in Mining & Metallurgical Processing
  • Transport & Logistics in Mining