Austmine Mine Safety eBook

Posted on 6/1/2020
Hear the latest on mine safety, including cutting-edge safety technology and processes.


Austmine Water & Waste Management eBook

Posted on 4/2/2020
Download the Water & Waste Management eBook to read the latest thoughts from METS sector leaders.


Cyber Security in Mining Operations eBook

Posted on 10/1/2019
Download now to hear the latest in cyber security in the mining industry


The Small Footprint Mine eBook

Posted on 10/1/2018
This eBook features members who are leading the way to a small footprint mine of the future.


Next Generation Mine and Plant Design eBook

Posted on 2/1/2018
Find out how our next generation of mines and plants need to be designed to ensure sustainability.


The Digital Mine eBook

Posted on 10/1/2017
This eBook explores the future mine site and the implementation of advanced technologies.