Tech Talk – Prioritising Employee Health & Safety

This Austmine 2022 ESG series webinar will focus on reducing fatalities and improving safety in the mining industry.


Mining is a tough industry and unsurprisingly, an industry that operates at 3.8km below the ground, or almost 5km above surface level, presents unique risks for the workforce. Safety technologies continue to progress rapidly and solutions will be presented that help send the mining workforce home safe each day.

Solutions explored include:

  • Remote and automated technologies to take workers out of harms way
  • The use of data to predict, measure and reduce safety incidences
  • Hardware applications to prevent hazardous operating of equipment


This webinar is free to attend for Austmine members, miners and non-members.

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Austmine 2022 ESG Webinar Series

Austmine's webinar series will have a combination of insightful expert panel discussions to examine each aspect of ESG and Tech Talks to showcase the game-changing innovations being developed by the METS sector to help achieve ESG objectives and shape the future of mining.

In August and September the focus will transition to social factors affecting mining and how the industry can develop and improve relationships with key stakeholders such as local communities, First Nations people, employees, investors and others.

Find more information about the webinar series and the schedule here.

14/09/2022 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time