Webinar: Tech Talk - Energising the Future Mine

The first Tech Talk in Austmine's 2022 ESG Webinar series will explore the emerging energy solutions in mining.


Mining is amidst an unprecedented energy transformation from widespread use of diesel fuels to renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydrogen. This webinar will showcase the latest solutions driving the growth of renewables in mining in a bid to decarbonise the sector. 

Technologies explored include:

  • Hybrid energy systems for large-scale power generation
  • Electrification of mobile equipment for underground and open pit mines 
  • Software and processes to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs

Tech Talks

The Mining Puzzle: integration of the value chain and full stack data to drive sustainability
Eric Croeser, Mining and IX Resources Lead - ANZ, Accenture

This Tech Talk will explore the opportunity of total value chain and total data integration. With the power of technology like data sensors, cloud computing, AI, and analytics, the benefits of end-to-end integration are endless.

At Accenture, we are seeing first-hand the challenges and opportunities faced by the mining industry and how the principles of total value chain and data integration will transform the industry to lead in ESG principles globally. This end-to-end integration will be pivotal for the mining industry to transition to the ESG frameworks that are required from green organisations in the future.

Smart Manufacturing Practices for Smart & Sustainable Mining
Prashanth Mysore, Global Strategic Business Development Director, Dassault Systemes   

The age of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) opened many new possibilities for virtually every industry, but one industry that urgently needs to embrace digital transformation is the mining industry. Many industries from construction to transportation and electionics are highly dependent on minerals that the mining industry supplies.

However, the rising demand for minerals in our ever-growing society is creating significant shifts in trends that will change the future of the mining industry. For mining companies to stay competitive in an industry that now faces many hurdles, it would be prudent to pay attention to new industry trends and key challenges in order to transform and adapt.

Transitioning your mines for the future!
Nik Gresshoff, Head of Mining, ABB

The journey to an all-electric mine is through electric and automation. But how can this be achieved? 

Hoisting and conveying systems are currently electric and there are plenty of examples about how we can utilize these systems in a more effective way.

ABB eMine™ comprises a portfolio of electrification technologies which makes the all-electric mine possible from mine to port and is integrated with digital applications and services to monitor and optimise energy usage. It can electrify any mining equipment across hoisting, grinding, hauling and material handling. From 2022, it will include new ABB Ability™ eMine FastCharge which provides high-power electric charging for haul trucks and is currently in pilot phase. It also incorporates the ABB Ability™ eMine Trolley System which can reduce diesel consumption by up to 90 percent, significantly lowering energy costs and environmental impact.

‘Geez, diesel is expensive'
Steve Lawn, Chief Customer Officer, 3ME Technology

This tech talk tracks the journey from "geez diesel is expensive" to a battery-electric 20T integrated tool carrier!

 Steve shares some insights into the challenges 3ME Technology has faced electrifying mining vehicles and the solutions the company has developed to help enable an all-electric mine.


This webinar is free to attend for Austmine members, miners and non-members.

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Austmine 2022 ESG Webinar Series

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Across April to June the webinar series will provide an in-depth analysis of the major environmental challenges and considerations in the mining industry and METS sector.

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18/05/2022 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time