Tech Talk – Reducing Impacts on Landscapes & Ecosystems

In this Austmine 2022 ESG Webinar series Tech Talk solutions will be explored that diminish effects on neighbouring ecosystems.


Mining organisations are increasingly recognising their role in protecting biodiversity, minimising impacts on local communities and ensuring that land can be used for productive purposes after mines close. To assist miners in mitigating environmental and social impacts, METS companies have developed a range of unique innovations. 

Technologies explored include: 

  • Environment and biodiversity monitoring and measurement 
  • Mine remediation and rehabilitation solutions 
  • Reusing closed and abandoned mines for productive means

Tech Talks

Environmental technology for mine rehabilitation and the role that Dendra could play in the transition to a Zero Carbon phase by 2030
Patrick O'Flynn, General Manager, Dendra Systems

The challenges of safety, effective data capture, and ecological complexity in mine rehabilitation pose risks to the outcomes that can be achieved. Dendra Systems enables faster, more effective, scalable rehabilitation through a combination of specialised data ecology, analytics and aerial seeding. We provide an end-to-end service that ensures optimal in-field operational outcomes for a portfolio of mine sites and best-in-class environmental management. Through a combination of data ecology, AI and aerial seeding we enable site coordinators to direct restoration work and monitor ecosystem health, driving faster rehabilitation and reporting of ecosystems. Dendra brings consistent governance and transparency with a disruptive science-based approach that puts effective restoration of biodiverse ecosystems at the core.

Reducing Impacts with Natural Resource Governance Solutions
Mikaela Kurtes, Product Owner, K2fly

Within our Natural Resource Governance solutions, we are leveraging new technologies to help mining companies achieve their rehabilitation goals and move towards a successful closure of mine. These technologies are being used in conjunction with InSAR and IoT to assist mining companies in safely managing their tailings storage facilities to reduce the risk of failure and achieve compliance with the zero-harm principle as part of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management.

Technological improvements in mine rehabilitation: more productive post-mining land use
Alison Price, Managing Director, SoilCyclers

While the environmental impacts of mining are still the subject of protests, the technology exists today to rehabilitate land better than what was there pre-mining. Is there a business case for doing things differently and what are some of the post-mining industries we can consider?

Reducing Impacts on Landscapes & Ecosystems - A minerals processing perspective
Bernadette Currie, Business & Project Development Manager - Metals Australia East, Sedgman

Whilst it’s critical to have specialist environmental companies and solutions in the mining industry, it’s equally important for those involved in the whole mining value chain to work collaboratively to reduce land and ecosystem impact. This presentation overviews approaches to reduce land and water impacts in minerals processing, tailings reprocessing and disposal, mining approaches, as well and options for post-mining land use for renewables. Building on Sedgman's engineering and project management expertise, they discuss solutions for the challenges related to reducing land and ecosystem impacts of mining will come from partnerships and collaboration.


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