Austmine facilitates opportunities for the mining and METS industry to connect, network and develop collaborative partnerships with organisations in Australia and across the globe. Through delivering a variety of online and face-to-face events, we help members to understand the needs and priorities of their customers and build connections with a broad range like-minded people within the industry.

5 Jul 2022 Cybersecurity Series: What it means to be cyber ready Cyber readiness encompasses a range of factors, including awareness of cyber threats, understanding of terminology, keeping up to date with technology...
6 Jul 2022 Canada: A New Frontier for Australian METS Companies This free webinar is presented by the Victoria METS Export Hub as part of the Insights into METS Webinar Series.
19 Jul 2022 Cybersecurity Series: The core four cybersecurity issues Don't miss the second webinar in the Cybersecurity Series providing you with tools and confidence to be cyber ready.
26 Jul 2022 WA METS Export Growth Program The WA METS Digital Mining Export Hub is pleased to open the next round of our virtual Export Growth Program to Hub members in WA.
27 Jul 2022 Los Cerros CEO Leadership Luncheon Perth Join Austmine on Wednesday 27 July 2022 for our CEO Leadership Luncheon in Perth with Jason Stirbinskis, Managing Director, Los Cerros.
28 Jul 2022 Whitehaven Coal CEO Leadership Luncheon Sydney NSW Join Austmine on Thursday 28 July 2022 for our CEO Leadership Luncheon in Sydney with Paul Flynn, Managing Director, Whitehaven Coal.
1 Aug 2022 Diggers & Dealers Networking Event WA Austmine is pleased to be hosting a Networking Event for Members at the 2022 Diggers and Dealers Mining Forum in Kalgoorlie.
2 Aug 2022 Cybersecurity Series: Creating an incident response plan The last webinar in the Cybersecurity Series willh help you prepare to successfully avert and dealing with cyber attacks.
3 Aug 2022 ESG Webinar Panel – Examining Mining’s Social Priorities Austmine will welcome expert panelists for an in-depth discussion about the social factors impacting operations across the mining value chain, and the...
17 Aug 2022 Austmine GMG Forum, Perth WA Register now for the Austmine GMG Forum, 17 - 18 August 2022 at Optus Stadium, Perth.
23 Aug 2022 Alligator Energy Smart Mining Networking Event Adelaide SA Join Austmine for our Smart Mining Networking Event in Adelaide on Tuesday 23 August 2022 with keynote speaker Greg Hall, Chief Executive Officer, All...
31 Aug 2022 Tech Talk – Creating Lasting Value for Communities This Austmine 2022 ESG series webinar will showcase how innovation is helping to provide greater stakeholder benefits from mining operations well beyo...
14 Sep 2022 Tech Talk – Prioritising Employee Health & Safety This Austmine 2022 ESG series webinar will focus on reducing fatalities and improving safety in the mining industry.
28 Sep 2022 Tech Talk – Effective Supply Chain Management This Austmine ESG series webinar will explore systems and solutions designed to optimise the supply chain.
2 Nov 2022 ESG Webinar Panel – Ensuring Effective Governance While environmental and social aspects of ESG are often focused on in the mining industry, governance factors have not had the same emphasis despite t...
16 Nov 2022 Tech Talk – Solutions Supporting Strong Governance In this ESG series webinar technologies will be explored that demonstrate the importance of maintaining the latest processes for strong governance.


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