STEM Webinar Series: Establishing Networks in your Industry

This webinar is for STEM students who have been accepted into the 2021/22 Austmine STEM program.


The Austmine STEM METS Career Pathway Program is designed to raise awareness of the METS sector for the next generation of employees and change the perception of a mining industry career from “old-world” to one filled with technology-driven, entrepreneurial opportunities. 

In this webinar we will highlight key areas to help participants make the most of their internship.

The webinar will focus on:

  • Online networks – getting your LinkedIn Profile ready for your career
  • Local networks, national networks and industry networks
  • Memberships and associations
  • Mentors: how can they help?

We will be joined by two industry speakers who will share their thoughts and experiences from working in the industry. Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the webinar.

2/12/2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
AUS Eastern Daylight Time
Online registration not available.

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