METS Tech Talk: Leveraging People & Technology

Austmine’s first webinar in our Harnessing Intelligence Tech Talk series will focus on Leveraging People & Technology. This takes place on Tuesday 2nd March, 12:30 – 1:15pm AEDT.

As the mining industry strives for the next wave of performance improvement, increasing importance is being placed on the optimisation of the interaction between technology and people. 

With intelligent systems developing at a rapid pace their integration into the overall mining system and existing organisational norms is critical to driving greater value and creating real step change for mining businesses. 

This webinar will showcase METS solutions at the forefront of transforming businesses through optimising systems and empowering the workforce. 

Tech Talk Presentations 

Optimise Mining Value-chain Efficiency with Event-Driven Technology
Phil Scanlon, VP of Sales Engineering, Solace
As the mining industry rapidly digitises, it becomes critical to optimise interaction between people and technology. Solace shares the successful integration on the overall mining systems, IT/OT convergence, harnessing IoT components and decision making through real-time information to drive your value-chain efficiency.

TOKN Connecting your Workforce - Safer Together
Clinton Schroeder, Co-Founder, TOKN
TOKN harnesses industry 4.0 technology, transforming the way mining companies work. The Most Transformational Business Solution of 2020, TOKN outlines why building a culture of innovation is so important for your business. TOKN is a leading enterprise application platform that helps you build, run and integrate the apps you need to make your business run efficiently - saving you time, at a fraction of the cost. TOKN is headquartered in Perth and focuses on helping asset intensive industries become more streamlined globally.


 How to Succeed with Connected Workers Systems
Adam Hawkins, State Manager, AssetOn 
Connected Worker technology is so much more than an App. Getting the foundational data right and being able to easily build content (and keep it current) are critical elements for success. Adam Hawkins from AssetOn, distributors for OnPlan Digital Asset Management software, explores these ideas.

Leveraging People & Incident Data to Improve Corporate Visibility, Safety, and Reduce Risk
Jonathan Dingle, Delivery Lead – Data & Analytics, INX Software 
Jonathan’s career has been dedicated to data and analytics, delivering initiatives across numerous industry sectors around the globe. In addition to managing large projects and delivery teams, he has deep experience implementing technology change and modernising legacy platforms. With a steady belief that data should be readily accessible and empowering, Jonathan has written classroom-based technical courses which are taught throughout Australia and overseas. He currently specialises in contemporary data technologies such as real time streaming, APIs, IoT, processing data at scale, and cloud-based data warehousing.

Other presentations include: Sedgman and Commit.Works. 

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Austmine 2021: Harnessing Intelligence

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Harnessing Intelligence: METS Tech Talk Series

Tuesday 2nd March: Leveraging People & Technology

Wednesday 17th March: The Power of Data

Thursday 22nd April: Optimising Connectivity

Tuesday 18th May: A Zero Impact Future

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3/2/2021 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
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