Tech Talk – Solutions Supporting Strong Governance

In this ESG series webinar technologies will be explored that demonstrate the importance of maintaining the latest processes for strong governance.


While governance is not viewed as an area of significant innovation, a number of solutions play a critical role in creating more efficient and effective governance procedures for organisations and industries.

Solutions explored include: 

  • The role of digital systems for effective reporting and greater transparency
  • Implementing diverse and agile processes and cultures within businesses
  • Protecting an organisations data and ensuring strong cyber security procedures


How geoscientific information management solutions play a critical role in compliance
Stuart van de Water, Environmental Leader, acQuire

 Geoscientific information management enables the capture, management and delivery of the original geoscientific observations and measurements of the earth’s natural resources. It is a fundamental asset used to make confident and accurate business decisions, whether you’re defining a resource model, performing reconciliation, delivering ore reserve reports or meeting environmental compliance requirements. What you’re collecting, how you’re collecting it, and who is collecting it, is vital.

Without access to reliable data, supported through a robust information management solution, the risk of using unreliable information to feed your compliance and governance reporting increases. The last thing you want is to be reporting excellent compliance results based on systemic inaccuracies and poor data management.

It is common for mining companies to only consider technology tools as the key to strong data governance for proving ESG compliance, whereas a mature information management focus also includes people and process.  We highlight how all three pillars are critical components of technology solutions used by mining companies for greater confidence in data driven decisions.


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Austmine 2022 ESG Webinar Series

Austmine's webinar series will have a combination of insightful expert panel discussions to examine each aspect of ESG and Tech Talks to showcase the game-changing innovations being developed by the METS sector to help achieve ESG objectives and shape the future of mining.

The final part of the ESG series will take a deep dive into governance issues for the mining industry and explore how businesses can ensure responsible, ethical and transparent operations.

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16/11/2022 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
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