METS Tech Talk: The Power of Data

Austmine’s second webinar in our Harnessing Intelligence Tech Talk series will focus on The Power of Data. This takes place on Wednesday 17th March, 12:30 – 1:15pm AEDT.

As mining delves further into the digital age businesses throughout the value chain are suffering from an information overload. The vast range of data and information sources both internal and external to organisations can be difficult to navigate, but the benefits can be immense.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital simulation, augmented reality – we have all come across these terms recently, but how are they applied to mining? What impact could they have on the industry’s future?

This webinar will showcase METS solutions who are applying mining’s vast amounts of data to drive operational improvements. 

Tech Talk Presentations

Unlocking the Power of Technical Data for Domain Modelling
Steve Sullivan, Domain MCF Technical Lead, Maptek

New modelling techniques such as machine learning are being heralded as key to unlocking the power of technical data. Poor data or improper use of machine learning techniques however can lead to outcomes that can equally misrepresent reality as with current techniques. 
Maptek geologist and technical lead for domain modelling Steve Sullivan outlines the various factors that contribute to complexity in modelling. He explains how machine learning delivers a range of possible outcomes from the data to provide meaningful information for better understanding of complex deposits and improving decision making.

Improving Productivity and Safety for the Underground Mine
Haydn Roberts, CEO, MST Global 

Vast amounts of data is just that, a collection of data. What we use data for and how we plug it into our systems and technologies is vital to productivity and safety improvements across any underground operation. Haydn will be walking through how we address a mines challenges in the underground space and how HELIX, helps to build their digital ecosystem. 

Data Ownership
Daniel Poller, CEO Auto-mate
Autonomous mining systems continuously generate a huge amount of data, however there is currently no standard as far as where the data is stored. This data provides important insights into optimising the operation and increasing safety – do you have access to your data?

Improving the Resource Sectors Efficiency and Transparency using Blockchain
Andrew Collins, Co-CEO, Nansen
Rose MacDonald, Co-CEO, Nansen

Blockchain is a technology that has received a lot of press attention and investment within the financial sector; but can it help the resources sector modernise? In this presentation we discuss a range of opportunities in the sector where Blockchains unique properties of immutability and security can be used to empower transformation of the sectors efficiency, transparency and environmental impact both in Australia and with international operations.

Integrated Data Management for Increasing Supply Chain Productivity
Matthew Whyatt, Partner Development Manager, Intov8

Intov8 provides software solutions for data management, developed by miners for miners, to some of the world's largest mining companies. Features include: production, fleet management, scheduling, metrics, integration, projects, management, issues, integration and more. Benefits of the suite include: integration with any data source, analyse and automate systems, increase productivity and profitability.

Resilient Capital Performance Through Integrated Data
Paul Northcote, Head of Nostra, Denver 

Nostra is a project and portfolio management solution that simplifies the operational performance requirements for project and portfolio management practitioners and executives of capital intensive industries to ensure that more projects are delivered successfully. 

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