METS Tech Talk: Optimising Connectivity

Austmine’s third webinar in our Harnessing Intelligence Tech Talk series will focus on Optimising Connectivity. This takes place on Thursday 22nd April, 12:30 – 1:15pm AEST.

Digital transformation is engulfing mining, but technology is only effective with a robust platform to be driven from.

The unique nature of mining creates significant challenges for connectivity, but advances in communications infrastructure and technology is establishing the building blocks for mines of the future.

This webinar will showcase METS solutions that are transforming the mining industry towards a connected future.

Digital Transformation for Mining : Safety and Efficiency
Sohan Domingo, Manager Solutions, & Applications, Tait Communications

Mining is fast embracing automation and digital technologies across operations. These transformative applications all require business-critical network connectivity, and given the nature of mining operations, wireless mobile communications are ideal. Learn how wireless broadband networks can solve today's problems.

Make your Business Run as One – Optimising Connectivity with HardHat 
David Sinclair, Chief Revenue Officer, Hardhat

How much time are you spending piecing together information from multiple systems, paper-based processes; across multiple teams, locations and projects? Are you looking for a simpler way to manage and connect information to support your growth, productivity, compliance, and safety goals?

The HardHat platform enables you to manage projects, clients, teams, safety and compliance all within a solution purpose-built for the mining and mining services companies. HardHat makes the most complex operations run as one – enabling companies to manage information from one place so that teams can work safer, faster and smarter. Tune in to the Austmine webinar find out more.

Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform – Protecting your World Through Connectivity
Kathryn Vosper, Chief Business Development and Sales ANZ, Damstra
Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform harnesses the power of the four largest investment areas, within every organisation- people, places, assets, and information, to increase safety and protection, mitigate risk, and ensure that people are prepared, workplaces are safe, assets are connected, and information is accessible.

Empowering an Autonomous Future
Paul Ewin, Director of Sales, Hexagon Mining

Our world has become more interdependent, forcing all of us to look beyond traditional market boundaries. That’s why we’ve organised our solutions around ecosystems. At their core, ecosystems are a complex network of interconnected systems capable of outcomes beyond the scope of any individual market or participant. 

Hexagon will outline the primary application areas in which they work in the production and urban ecosystems and will provide a window into how industry and sustainability can work in harmony.

Achieving Optimum Connectivity
Simon Head, National Industry Lead – Resources and Utilities, Vocus

Vocus, a leading specialist fibre and network solutions provider, has a rich history in providing connectivity for Australia’s mining, oil and gas industries. Join Simon Head, National Industry Lead, Resources & Utilities, to hear how innovative connectivity solutions are helping to transform operations at some of Australia’s most remote sites.

Other presentations include ABB.
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Austmine 2021: Harnessing Intelligence

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